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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have become a subject of daily media coverage. Are you interested in learning more about the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies? Do you want to make your first investment in crypto, but you have no idea where to start? Do you have some experience in crypto investments and even in trading, but you want to take yourself to the next level? Or do you want to secure yourself a second stable income by investing in and trading cryptocurrencies?

We have a tailor-made program supporting you on your crypto journey step-by-step.

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Never missing out on profitable market moves! Check out our latest Swisstrading Market Snapshot and stay up-to-date with key crypto, unique market events, quality technical charts, comprehensive fundamental analysis, and 5-star tutorials, and more.

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We are offering

Trading Ideas

Global Community

โ€‹Crypto News

Trading Course (FireSide)

Advanced Content

Market Update

Bitsgap Bot Setups (Automate Trading)

Trading Ideas

Trading Ideas

  • Trading Ideas with clear analysis
  • DCA level as a safety net
  • Dedicated premium chat with access to our analysts

Global Community

Global Community

  • Open Community, talking about trading, learning, general questions
  • Helping hands
  • International peopleย 

โ€‹Crypto News

โ€‹Crypto News

  • Get all relevant daily crypto news aggregated in one channel
  • Receive important information in real time that will benefit your trading and put you ahead of the curve
  • Obtain market driving economical news helping you to buy the rumor & sell the news

Trading Course (FireSide)

Trading Course (FireSide)

  • Learn how to trade crypto - from basics to advanced content - Weekly Video Chat to ask as many questions as you want
  • Get exclusive access to our experts and pro traders at our weekly fireplace chat
  • Acquire answers to your questions and delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies
  • Join us when we talk about the newest projects and latest trends

Advanced Content

Advanced Content

  • Gain further understanding of the art of technical analysis and charting
  • Become a better trader by knowing about critical formations, chart patterns and indicators
  • Obtain an holistic approach to trading by learning about strategy, mindset and psychology

Market Update

Market Update

  • Obtain a macro picture by reading our weekly BTC market update with important levels to watch
  • Follow and discuss our daily market snapshots and understand in a glimpse of a second the daily momentum

Bitsgap Bot Setups (Automate Trading)

Bitsgap Bot Setups (Automate Trading)

  • Best crypto trading bot(s)
  • Well-crafted Bot setups
  • 100% automated trading, with constant profits independent of market conditions

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Let your crypto journey begin by selecting one of the different membership options below:

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7 days of trial to all new users We offer 7 days of trial to all new users. So, you can test our service to see if it's suitable for you and satisfies all your needs before you decide to make a purchase. The free trial period includes all features of regular service.

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VIP Membership

$796/ annually

$79/ monthly

Become a member of our Discord community offering Crypto Trade Ideas and a dedicated member chat
Get access to our Premium Discord Channels for our exclusive Futures and Spot Trading Ideas for trading USDT pairs
Never miss any relevant Crypto news by accessing our dedicated News Bot (collecting from +100 Sources)
Gain inside information by receiving our weekly BTC Market Update and daily market snapshots
Get access to our Advanced Content to further develop your Technical Analysis (TA) skills
Participate in weekly FireSide Video Chats with our Trading Experts covering current market conditions and guided trading improvements
Video Call onboarding to explain Discord environment and general introduction
1 hour monthly Analyst exchange - enjoy a monthly 1 hour call to discuss your current progress and conduct a Strategy audit
Please note: Once you have subscribed to our services, you will automatically receive access to our Discord channels.
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7 days of trial to all new users
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7 days of trial to all new users
7 days of trial to all new users We offer 7 days of trial to all new users. So, you can test our service to see if it's suitable for you and satisfies all your needs before you decide to make a purchase. The free trial period includes all features of regular service.

What are our members saying about us?

Finally a service that focuses on its users and explains why they are sharing specific signals.
Not only have i made great return but I also learned stuff on the way that makes me a better trader myself.
Does it always return 500% a trade? No, but I am rather risk averse and I am steadily increasing my holdings.
Definitely worth working together with the guys from Swiss Trading!

BulleT - Premium SwissTrading member

I was totally new to trading when I joined the Swisstrading community a few months ago, and the only I can say is thanks!!.
With the lessons from the web, the new Discord channels and the live help of the ST team, now I'm still a rookie but learning a lot day by day.
Looking forward to see what comes next, specially the fireside chats and new web site!!!

Tanxugueiro - VIP SwissTrading member

It is being almost a year since I joined crypto space, looking back to my progress I am very happy with what I have accomplish so far, thanks to Swisstrading.
I literally started from scratch, following ST program and building my knowledge from there.
On top of their program and content, interaction with ST members has been the key differentiator for me, always there willing to help, giving common sense advice.
Looking forward to the new web iteration and new premium features!

Juanlam - Premium SwissTrading member

Being relatively new to trading, SwissTrading provided me with the perfect environment to learn and build a solid knowledge foundation. I very much appreciate the signals but also the responsiveness and discussions that help me understand the technicalities of trading. The team as well as the members support each other which really creates a sense of community and belonging. Overall I can highly recommend SwissTrading for both newbie and seasoned traders. Looking forward to what comes next!

YS - Premium SwissTrading member

Back in Spring 2020 started trading cryptos and I was looking for support and a trading program to get me started. With Swisstrading I found a community which is very friendly, helpful and the ST team offers daily great trading signals. No matter if you are a rookie or pro. The ST is keen to make you a better trader, provides great support and is always here to help.

A19 - Premium SwissTrading member

About us

We are accomplished traders and educators, dedicated to helping crypto beginners avoid the early mistakes many people make when investing in crypto for the first time. We have studied and continue to study all facets of technical analysis and the cryptocurrency markets in particular. What sets us apart from failed traders, is our stoic approach to apply our strategy over and over again in order to make sustainable profit.

Our Video Trading Course (FireSide Program) will support your journey in the world of Cryptocurrencies.

Put a face to the name and lift the shadows of crypto trading โ€“ exchange with our international Discord community and keep improving your trading skills. You start alone, but we finish as a team.

More about us

Our Discord Threads & Channels - Your Road to Success

Join our Discord for free

All of our content and services can be accessed through Discord. Please always keep this in mind when using Discord: We will never DM you first and we will never ask you to get us access to your funds.

Why choose us?

SwissTrading is not just about providing you with the best quality trading ideas for your continued success.

We have a holistic approach to trading and we do believe that if you truly want to be a successful crypto trader, you need to have an additional educational program that equips you with a deep understanding of technical analysis and all relevant aspects of the cryptocurrency market. We have geared our services towards becoming a successful trader. 

That is why we offer you our Advanced Content focussing on strategy and the technical aspects of trading. Our Trading Academy  (Fireside Program) will support you with your first steps into the cryptocurrency market and beyond. You will get to know us through our weekly Video Fireside Chats, in which we answer your questions and discuss the latest trends and news.

We consider ourselves as an accelerator for ping into the world of crypto. Our focus is to create sustainable success. Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies is not a sprint but a marathon that has only just begun.

You may start alone, but we will definitely finish as a team.

How do we work?

Our main goal at Swisstrading.net is to grow your capital and achieve financial freedom. For this, the number one rule is to protect your capital!

What does this mean? Well we learned this the "hard way", losing money across all kinds of trades, strategies and options - e.g. leverage trading.

Nevertheless, you need to start somewhere, and our educational section includes the most completed insights you can find out there, because they are applied and a result of many years of trading.

โ€‹We have developed over the years "Trading academy Program aka FireSide Program", a sound step by step program enabling you to understand the very basics of cryptocurrencies and constantly improve your investment skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have some questions, we have listes the most important ones. See more FAQ

What is SwissTrading?

SwissTrading is a platform focussing on education about trading Cryptocurrencies founded in 2019. We do provide a complete Trading Course (FireSide), allowing you to convert into a professional trader.

We can't promise wealth, but we do promise a method allowing you to make a living!   

SwissTrading is run by Peter Parker, who is a Professional Trader.

Our main focus is to transfer our knowledge to our members so that they can achieve sustainable success. Whether you are a Newbie or an experienced trader looking for trading ideas and setups, you will not regret joining SwissTrading. We offer a wide variety on background information and share with you our own thoughts. You will get access to our process and tons of material on the art of Technical Analysis.

In addition to this, you can easily communicate with us through our dedicated Discord server.

How do I join SwissTrading?

All you need to do is subscribe to our services. Click on this link and select the membership option that suits you best.

Once you have completed your subscription, you will automatically get access to our dedicated Discord server.

All of our services are run through Discord. After you have verified your Discord account, you will be able to start your journey with us and get access to our Discord channels.

What do I need to get started?

If you want to become a VIP SwissTrading member, you will need to buy a subscription and install the Discord App on your smartphone or computer. 

Once you have bought your subscription, you will get access to all our Discord channels. From that moment on, you will receive our trading ideas and additional trading material.

And thatโ€™s it. You are all set.

What trade ideas does SwissTrading offer?

We focus on trading USDT pairs in the spot market and in futures. 

We will provide you with the exact details on when to buy and when to exit each signal. 

Each signal comes with a dedicated advice on how to enter the signal and with a trailing setup.

Another focus is trading with bots. We have hooked up with Bitsgap and offer you a once in a lifetime deal by setting up an account with Bitsgap through our referral link: https://bitsgap.com/?ref=708c55f

This is a great way to fully automatize your trading.

Disclaimer: All our trade ideas are no financial advice. They are trade ideas based on our own research and trading strategy that we share for educational purposes. Trading involves substantial risk. So always do your own analysis and enter trades only if they make sense considering your personal circumstances.

What exchanges do you use for the signals?

Our signals are based on Binance coin pairs. We would like to encourage you to set up accounts with these exchanges through the following links in order to fully appreciate our signals:

Do you have access to my exchange(s) and funds?

No, we will not have and never ask you to share access to your funds with us. 

How much money do I need in order to get started?

There is no golden rule for this. We understand that everyone has a different portfolio size. We treat everyone equally, whether your portfolio is $100 or $1,000,000. Despite this, we recommend that your portfolio should be at least about $1,000 in order to benefit from our premium spot or futures signals. Otherwise, position sizes for each trade become small, ultimately leading to unprofitable trades. 

How does the Trading academy work?

With your VIP subscription, you Will have access to a weekly live Video Call. As a first step, we will onboard you, understanding your current knowledge. On average, our VIP members are profitable (able to execute trades successfully) after 6-8 months. 

Do you want to become a successful trader? Do you expect a crypto community not only to share trade ideas, but get you further insights into the market and accompany you through your crypto journey?

If you can answer these questions with โ€œYESโ€, then it is time to enroll yourself to our program and become a SwissTrading member.

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